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Laboratory Information Managment System (LIMS)

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LIMS for R&D and Quality Manufacturing

There’s a reason our solution is the standardized Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) of reference. Accelerate deployment and time-to-value by leveraging STARLIMS‘ out-of-the box (OOTB) LIMS. Our solution enables you to automate workflows, minimize manual tasks, and reduce the risk of data collection and transcription errors. Loaded with pre-built, industry-specific workflows, you can easily and quickly transfer testing from research to quality control and manufacturing.

A Powerful, Comprehensive LIMS

Standardize and accelerate your lab processes with the STARLIMS LIMS. Our powerful, comprehensive LIMS contains over 15 OOTB workflows, including batch testing with COA, stability, environmental testing, materials receiving, contract labs testing, continuous process, sample testing, outsourcing, and more. With hundreds of OOTB reports, you can quickly start to monitor processes and workflows for better, more streamlined laboratory operations. And by providing full audit trails and electronic signatures, we also help you reach your compliance objectives.

Value-Added Solutions

In addition to our OOTB functionalities, our LIMS also provides a host of value-added solutions. From common laboratory equipment connectors and advanced SPC reporting with integration into NWA, to an advanced test method development and execution calculation engine, we support the needs of your business. As the only certified SAP connector, we also help you easily integrate other solutions into your ecosystem. And with our Request Management Portal, you have the ability to create and submit test requests to your contractors.